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Fwiend Request Post

  • 1st Jan, 2020 at 12:00

Edit June 2010: We stood on that bridge the day after the San Siro gig, wheeeee!

Master List

  • 23rd Nov, 2005 at 12:00
Hello there.

I often post RPF on my journal. Usually involving bands. Usually slash.
If this offends you, go away now.

If you're not offended, and you've read my profile page, hello again! You've obviously got great taste.

This sticky post contains a list of all my fic.
If there are any broken links please let me know.

All my fiction posts are locked.
If you want to read them, or be my lj friend, please comment on my friend request post.

I add people if we've interests in common (Muse! Dollies! Snooker!) and you are lovely.
If you've come here to mock writers, or slash, or my tastes, you can piss off now. I don't have time for haters.

Non-fiction and personal posts are friends locked too.
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